A/D/A – Tomorrow’s Utopias for Today’s Citizens



Seven artist workshops, presentations and an exhibit in St. Pauli about the creative reconquest of urban space.

“In an age of advanced technology, inefficiency is the sin against the Holy Ghost” (A. Huxley) and against the digital agenda of a truly future-oriented city.

The smart city observes our movements, analyses us, regulates us and thinks a few steps ahead. We inhabitants of metropolises can already look forward to streets that steer us and drive us to work without congestion.
City kids can limitlessly go to the countryside and have more free time to stroll. We report a mangled garbage can using our Hamburg app as we pass by, and with every free minute we gain, we increase the gross domestic product. Welcome to the smart new city!
We invite you to develop your own future scenarios with international artists and to learn concrete strategies for handling surveillance, analog and digital technologies and a smartening environment.

In seven workshops in the neighborhood of St. Pauli, Fab Lab Fabulous St. Pauli, Künstlerhaus FAKTOR and other venues, for people of all ages, you can create smart fashion for stylish city dwellers, trick surveillance cameras and develop truly helpful prototypes – for daily life and states of emergency – out of 100 speculative absurdities. Let’s outsmart the city!


Participating Artists:

Jeremy Bailey, Benjamin van Bebber, Jessica Broscheit, Adam Harvey,
Kati Hyyppä, Filomena Krause, Mika Satomi (Kobakant) and Claudius Schulze.


Artist Workshops in English Language

All workshops are free of charge. For further information on the venues and preconditions, you will receive information via Email and you find German full descriptions when you klick on the headlines. Otherwise, we are happy to assist you via Mail.

225x225_WORKSHOP_JEREMYLean Artist – The World’s First Seed Accelerator for Artists – with Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey

Lean Artist is the world’s first Seed Accelerator for artists. We are funding early stage culture by investing 3.000 € in 15 artists working intensively with Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey to create culturally disruptive startups. The workshop culminates in an event where artists will present their startups to an exclusive invite only audience and become part of the international Jeremy Bailey Lean Artist network.
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Friday, August 26th – Sunday, August 28th
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225x225_WORKSHOP_KATIData Bicycles – with Kati Hyyppä

Every day, in our ride to work, to school, or in our free-time, we are experiencing the condition of our streets and traffic and invisibly inscribe it into our bodies. The Data bikes workshop explores this hidden data resources by harnessing bicycles as data gathering devices. We will build low-tech bicycle seismographs, which are essentially mechanical drawing machines attached to a bike, that respond to the bumpiness of your ride. Driven by pedaling, a pen draws records of the vibrations on a roll of paper. When you encounter a badly maintained road or cobblestone, the more dramatic the visual recordings become. Join in and reveal the micro-topography of Hamburg!

Friday, August 26th – Saturday, August 27th
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225x225_WORKSHOP_ADAM“Think Privacy”: Privacy Propaganda Think Tank – with Adam Harvey

This 2-part workshop will guide attendees through the complex relationships between smart technologies, data collection, and surveillance. Attendees will have the opportunity to demo surveillance technologies including facial analysis, remote biometric acquisition, and smartphone tracking. Workshop attendees will then assemble into a think-tank to brainstorm new types of privacy proganda. These ideas will be put into physical form with materials and equipment available at Fab Lab St. Pauli. Attendees will create their own “posters” and reimagine how new types of untraditional posters could function against the backdrop of a smart city. The most convincing campaign idea will be awarded with the opportunity to be put into action in advance to CCC in December 2016.

Friday, August 26th
OR: Saturday, August 27th
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225x225_WORKSHOP_MIKASmart Rituals – with Mika Satomi

“The goal of building a smart city is to improve quality of life by using technology to improve the efficiency of services and meet residents’ needs” (from wikipedia) by silently monitoring the city through embedded sensors.
In this two-day workshop, us, the citizens, we will loudly embrace its smartness and create a series of city-costumes for a data collection. From theatrical stage to pagan rituals, costumes have always had the role to hide its wearer and provide anonymity. Our costumes will instead be equipped with sensors, Smart Textiles and Internet of Things technology allowing the wearer to collect data and send them to the internet by performing a new urban ritual. How anonymous can we be when dealing with data?

Friday, August 26th – Saturday, August 27th
incl. public performance
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